​The British College

​The British College

The British College:

The British College affiliated to University of the West of England (UWE) and Leeds Beckett University (LBU) was established in ….. with the objectives of offering internationally recognized degree s to Nepali students in accordance to the current job market. This college is mainly focused on enhancing the employability. This college is attraction of many aspiring students for its academic excellence that help experience transcending international boundaries with thought provoking incision. This college, characterized with the "local to global" approach, has the following fundamental features:

  • Providing internationally accredited UK Degrees to Nepali students.
  • Helping students reach the doors for employment opportunities with its joint ventures or business partnerships.
  • Providing international level exploration on the specialized course of study.

The British College is popular in the market now for following IT and Computer Degrees:

  • Bachelor Program:
  • Master Program:
  • B Sc (Hons) Computing
  • M Sc Information Management

These courses having the British recognition magnify the higher skills and knowledge on the sectors to likely be engaged in. Therefore, joining The British College for Computer and IT Degrees can be a good choice.

​The British College

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