25 May

First Batch of Computer Engineering in Nepal


Prakash Gupta Computer Engineer at Nepal Telecom since 2000 AD, currently engaged as Senior Engineer at Tulsipur, Dang districts has spoken some inspiring and historic lines to us:

How did you happen to know about your joining of Computer Engineering?

Upon joining Kathmandu Valley Campus for I.SC,I came to learn from Suresh Raj Sharma and Sita Ram Adhikari who  later developed Kathmandu Valley Campus into Kathmandu University. Kathmandu Valley campus was initially affiliated to Tribhuvan University and was a very popular name for the student of Science at the time.Initially,I joined KU in Dhulikhel for the Engineering Degree in Mathematics and Computing system which after the completion of my first semester was renamed as B.E. in Computer Engineering. Since the computer knowledge and skill was already in higher demand, I really loved to counseling  and motivation my teacher did to me. Actually we were 10 students who joined for this degree and all of us achieved the graduation quiet easily. It was a great fun having about computer at the time. It was my first time that I could touch the computer in my life. So, as of my passion for Engineering, I would like to give all the credit to Suresh Raj Sharma and Sita Ram Adhikari who provided the platform that I am a Computer Engineer today.

As a first batch in Computer Engineering in Nepal, when was it  you joined and completed your B.E?

It was 1994 AD I started and completed in 1998 AD since it was a four year course from the beginning.

Who were the teacher at the time?

As it was launched for the first time by KU in Nepal, special lecturers from America and Nepal were appointed to teach us the Computer Engineering.

What were the computer contents you were taught then?

Since the Computer Engineering and IT invention were in due development and under research, there were not many things to learn about, but were duly introduced with basic knowledge as of the time and resources, I believe. Basically, we learnt Pascal language and C programming as the major course contents. Window programs were in its developing phase, so we used Windows 92 in the beginning and 95 towards the end of course. Hardware were quiet limited. So we were lucky that we could use CD RW in 1996 which was also bought from abroad to supporting our exposures to our computer access.

So, what were the infrastructures and resources that you learnt with?

Well, K.U had managed a Computer lab with some 10-15 Computers but yet it was completely a challenge for all of us to properly handle with them. I think it was a good infrastructure for us at that time if seen the other academic institutions.

What did you do after getting the graduation?

Well, then job market for the Computer Engineers was very big, there was a high demand of the graduates, therefore I took the written exam for the post of Computer Engineer at Nepal Telecom. It took about 7 month to get the result. Finally I was selected as a Computer Engineer at Nepal Telecom in 2000 AD in February.

What were your duties and assignment at Nepal Telecom?

I was assigned in IT Department at Jwalakhel Office, so I was to handle ADSL system, Internet billing system and also other Departments in Nepal Telecom.

What is your current job status at Nepal Telecom?

Currently, I am working as the Office Inchange in  Tulsipur, Dang, as a Senior  Engineer. I am to control Dang, Salyan, Rukum and Rolpa districts.

Have you pursued any further courses on Computer Engineering so far?

Yes, I have already achieved M.E in Computer Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand in 2008 AD

Are you satisfied with your profession?

Absolutely, there is nothing I can complain against my Engineering profession. This is a very dynamic and innovative profession now. This profession takes you to global arena faster than expected.

Do you think there is still employment prospects in Computer and IT market in Nepal?

Of course. Computer and IT market in the world is expanding to a higher extent, let alone Nepal. So there is larger scope in this field.

What would you like to say to the new comers of Computer and IT profession?

I would confidently like to advice everyone to prefer this field. Your future is safe and bright if you approach market employability with the knowledge and skills on Computer and IT. For IT and Computer are indispensable dimensions, both of these sector will ensure your career as you want.