02 Jun

Yog Raj Kandel Sharma- CEO, NAMI COLLEGE

Nepal is a developing nation and no development is possible without IT and Computer skills in the real world. If you isolate IT and Computer courses from development process you are stupid and illogical.


How would you justify about your institution teaching the Computer and IT courses?

NAMI is on a parallel way to today’s pace and requirement. You cannot ignore Computer and IT Courses if you talk about development. The world is enormously technologized and we are living in one of the exciting times in history. The main reason behind this is that we want to produce well equipped and highly decorated IT and Computer Professionals who can contribute a lot to state’s mission of development and progress.


Is it because of the trend and competition among the educational academics at the present or you have truly realized its value?

 As I said, it is certainly because of a deep realization, not out of whims and fancies. There are no fields in this world where IT and Computer do not have positive impacts. You will be surprised to see that IT and Computer Courses have penetrated every domain and department. It is and should be omnipresent phenomenon as it is a key to success and development in today’s context.


How would you like to introduce yourself in reference to IT education?

Firstly, NAMI is absolutely British Degree in Nepal in its original form. Secondly, NAMI is the academic institute in Nepal that offers BSc. Hons. Degree in Computing. As we are a satellite college of University of Northampton (AsokaUChangemaker University) in Nepal, we offer better Computing and IT Courses: BSc. Hons Computing, BSc. Hons Software Engineering, BSc Hons Network Engineering, and these courses are specific, output based and governed by QAA, UK. Few unique features like research based modules, enormous lab works, referential teaching and learning approach, placements and wide market availability have added more values to these courses.


What is your standpoint about IT and computer education in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing nation and no development is possible without IT and Computer skills in the real world. If you isolate IT and Computer courses from development process you are stupid and illogical. In a way, Nepal desperately needs good IT and Computer Colleges, and NAMI is one of them.


Have you ever debated or advocated for an extensive approach to IT education in Nepal?

Of course I do it and it is quite often. What I also add is we need an extensive and a research based IT education in Nepal for overall, all round progress and development.


How do you see the need of IT education for Nepal?

As I said earlier, Nepal is a developing nation and IT education is key to it. So, the need is very much urgent one.


Which domain of the society have you planned to contribute through your institution’s IT education?

IT education has penetrated all domains now. Talk about business, environment, space, robotics and all you find IT a key. Take a name of domain, IT is there. So, we have planned to produce global human capitals with the capacity to influence all domains of society.


Why should Nepali students join your academy for IT degree?

They should do it for their and their nation’s secured future nationally and internationally. But, at this point, I suggest them not to get driven by impulses. Choose good IT courses and it is available in Nepal itself. You can give your best if you do it in Nepal for so many reasons.


What are the most distinguishable outfits of your IT courses?

Research based modules, the most practical and real world based experiences, specific and objective, placement and internships, the rate of employability at home and abroad and UK’s QAA as the governing parameter are few of unique and distinct outfits of IT courses here at NAMI.


How do you see the employability of IT knowledge and skills in Nepal?

It is an immense one. Nepal is in need of more capable IT human resources in both government and private sectors. As IT education is a key to all domains and IT has wider penetration rates, the market is ever growing in Nepal.


What would you like to opine to the aspiring students seeking the right IT education in Nepal?

Be technologically sound and capable human resources. Your country is in a dire need of such people now. However, not everything that glitters is gold, be careful while choosing the courses and colleges. Do not get fancied. Be wise and make a wise selection because it is a matter of your life and future of your nation.