Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University (TU) was established in 1959 AD in north eastern facade of Kirtipur some five km away from Kathmandu valley. TU has 38 Central Departments of various mainline course of studies and 4 research centers, out of which 31 Departments and 3 Research Centers are located in Kirtipur.

TU has its name as a non-profitable autonomous institution funded by the Government of Nepal, now in January 8, 2013 has been declared as the central university by the Government of Nepal.

TU in core objectify the following features:

  • Imparting standardized and need-based higher education of all levels in almost all the subjects recognized in the world.
  • Preparing the qualified and capable human resources required for the overall development of Nepal.
  • Preparing the foundations for the protection of national culture and traditions as our heritage.
  • Involving in extensive and empirical creation of knowledge and research in the fields of arts, science, technology and vocation.

TU's academic excellence and achievement are highly the parts of attractions for all the students and professionals of education sector. TU's latest upgrading from annual based system to semester system has extended its reaching to many students. TU's Science and Technology department has special charm among the aspiring students seeking the safe career in the same field. IT and Engineering under Science and Technology department has another fame because of its diverse entities and huge platform to realize the future dreams of the students.

The IT and computer related degrees under the Institute of Science and Technology offered by TU are as follows:

  • Bachelor Degree (Pure IT)
  • Master Degrees (Pure IT)
  • Bachelor Degree (Management IT)
  • B.S.C 4 years
  • B.SC. CSIT (cOMPUTER Science and Information Technology)
  • M.Sc. CSIT
  • BIM (Bachelor in Information Technology)

TU has colleges affiliated to it from east to west Nepal. There are colleges in different cities offering various IT and degrees.

So, selecting IT and computer degrees offered by TU can be the resourceful study with greater exposures and knowledge. TU 's IT and Computer Certificates have more demands in the professional and vocational fields. The certificates are highly recognized by all the companies and units working and serving in IT field.

Tribhuvan University
  • Mission Statement IOST intends to promote the quality of its departments in terms of effective teaching learning activities, research activities, quality education and to develop them as Centre of Excellence by setting up well-equipped laboratories, Libraries, employing high skilled man powers and providing advisory services in science and technology in close collaboration with national and international agencies.

College of Applied Business (CAB)

Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT)

Kathford International College of Engineering and Management (KICEM):

Nagarjuna College Of Information Technology

​National College of Engineering

New Summit College

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​BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

​BIM (Bachelor in Information Management)

​BSc.CSIT (Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology)

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